Crowdfunding and Marketing Consulting By Evan Varsamis

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I help brands increase sales, engagement and awareness within days. 

You know what your story is and why you are worth listening to, but is the message you are using coming across loud and clear to your potential customers? You need to make people feel the passion behind your product and business but even before that, you need to make them trust you. 

Launching a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo Campaign? I can help you with planning, media outreach, recommended services and PR Agencies that will get your project funded in less than a week. 

Strategy Development

  • Evaluate your brand identity and positioning to effectively communicate your story to the world

  • Create brand story pillars to represent the core values of your brand

  • Identify and attract your target audience

  • Develop a core content strategy for your digital channels

  • Presenting your brand story in a way that matches your vision

  • Understanding when, how, and where to post on Social Media

  • Applying social media growth tactics


"My name is Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev and I was in charge of promoting the Superscreen campaign: ($2.54M raised) - you can see I am a collaborator under the creator's icon. I'd personally recommend Evan he has done a phenomenal job."

- Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev

"Evan from Gadget Flow worked with us to create a custom solution to best promote our Indigogo campaign. We were really happy with their execution, follow up, and our ROI, which yielded a 4:1. Looking forward to working with Gadget Flow on our next project."

- Slim Geransar - Storebound, Sobro

"Evan was a pleasure to work with and the services performed by the GadgetFlow really worked wonders!"

- Avi Goldstein