Get More Crowdfunding Backers With FaceBook Ads

Chadi had no emails or contacts and just about 100 Facebook page likes when he started his first Kickstarter campaign. The X-Frame mechanical watch is battery-powered, has a three part case and that sharp, edgy look you want from your wristwatch. Yet it was not an instant success on Kickstarter. Clearly, this is not because it was a bad product but because it lacked a proper marketing strategy. Chadi understood this problem and researched for almost over a year before he re-launched his campaign and managed to get $87,373 from 260 backers!!

Now, the question lies in what led to such a massive change? It’s pretty simple. He realized that a listing on Kickstarter won’t bring pledges for you alone. Adding a proper marketing strategy along with it will surely do!

Can FaceBook Ads Be a Gamechanger?

During his first Kickstarter campaign, Chadi has seen that all the funding that had come was restricted to the first ten days, after which things started slowing down. He wasn’t sure of its success at all and that made him cancel the project and prepare for a better re-launch. 

Chadi utilized Facebook ads and ran direct clickthroughs to his Kickstarter campaign. After a few days it worked like a charm for him and he got around 100 backers. These were not just ordinary backers as most of them were coming back for more orders. Momentum increased and his campaign finally took off! In fact, when the X-Frame Watch was marketed through our website, 30% of the listing traffic came from the Facebook ad we did for them.

Go For Pre-Launch Marketing

During his first campaign, he realized that there was a demand for the product but because of no pre-launch marketing effort, things didn’t work out the way he wanted to. Capitalizing on Facebook was necessary which not only helped him raise more pledges but get backers who wanted to be a part of his brand. They suggested him more tactics to be successful with his campaign, and that was pretty essential for him then. There was one backer who suggested him on opening an Instagram account and was also ready to do it for him and make his campaign more successful. You will be surprised to know that he managed to get 1000 unique followers for him within a matter of two weeks.

Another valuable result was the fact that he got to know where his audience came from through these Facebook ads. While he considered most of the traffic to be from the US and Canada, statistics showed a surprising number of backers coming from Singapore!

With all that experience, Chadi is now set for his upcoming campaign with some new strategies that he would like to apply:

1. Setting up a separate landing page for his campaign with Wix.

2. Launching a giveaway with Woobox to get the word out and have more email subscribers.

3. Reach out to bloggers and influencers before the launch.

4. Hire someone experienced to manage the ads if he has the required budget in hand.

But out of all this experimentation, he wants you to know that being prepared for trial and error is always necessary. Crowdfunding is a process you need to research on. You need to do those ads a number of times before you get an idea of what works best for your campaign. That doesn’t necessarily draw the arrow to a high budget. You can do a $5 ad and still bring in backers to your campaign. The idea is to have enough time for planning and executing your campaign.

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