How to Make the Most of the First 24 Hours of Crowdfunding

When the Rapide Lite 200 got funded within 24 hours of getting featured on our platform, we understood that those first hours were crucial for any crowdfunding campaign. If you do it right in the first 24 hours, you have a better chance at becoming a crowdfunding success. However, jumpstarting a project promotion as soon as it goes live can be puzzling. There are so many things you need to do within a short span of time. So, to make sure you’re able to balance out those first 24 hours, here is a checklist of tips and tactics to help you succeed: 

  1. First, you need to consider reviewing your crowdfunding project description at least 3-4 times. This is to ensure there are no errors in spelling, grammar, or content. And, you never know, every read might just make you come up with a better flair.
  2. Your crowdfunding description must have an FAQ section. This should be complete with properly stated answers on shipping rates, delivery dates, specific features of the product and any relevant information your backers need.
  3. Provide links to your social profiles on the page. This is a convenient way for people to reach out to you in case they have queries. 
  4. Apart from reaching out to media personnel yourself, put a link to your press kit on the crowdfunding page. This is for those who stumble upon your campaign and are willing to give it a shout out from their blog or social profiles. 
  5. Make sure to drive interest to your campaign through your social media accounts right after the campaign goes live. Try to be unique on every channel. 
  6. To enhance word-of-mouth marketing, you can do a special reward for the backers who pledge within the first 24 hours. 
  7. Reach out to your family, friends and acquaintances and ask them to share the campaign as much as possible.
  8. Do a crisp and precise introduction on yourself and your team. It’s always good to show the faces behind the campaign as it adds a personal touch to your presentation.
  9. Other than the introductory video, you can also add GIFs of your product in use if applicable.
  10. If you are confused about the category where you should place your product, you can discuss this with other crowdfunding campaign creators. You can post a query on KickstarterForum as well.
  11. Have your social media campaigns ready in advance. Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite offer advanced scheduling at proper timings based on your target audience.
  12. It’s always good to get some feedback from others and Twitter can be of great help here. Try sending a link to your campaign and ask for a feedback from the industry influencers. If they like your campaign, they might just share it with their followers or back it themselves.
  13. Always be prompt in responding to the comments you receive for your campaign. 
  14. If you can, plan a Kickstarter Live or Facebook Live video to answer the immediate questions that you receive within the first 24 hours.
  15. In addition to a webshop when your campaign is successful, you can also have a landing page for your campaign.

As crucial as the first 24 hours of crowdfunding are, it’s always important to be more active during the entire span of your campaign. In short, you need to be prompt, quick and well-versed with your campaign.

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