Why You Need to Use Lifestyle Photos For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Believe it or not, lifestyle photos are considered to be one of the most popular ways you can showcase your product now. As a matter of fact, they perform 60% better than renderings and white background images. 

Lifestyle Photos Look More Real

White background photos might look distraction-free, but somehow, they do look artificial. However, a lifestyle photo can help your potential customer visualize your product.

Every Lifestyle Photo Has a Story to Tell

Whether it’s someone bicycling down the hill displaying the ruggedness of the bike or a couple spending a romantic holiday on a hanging cliff cabana, every lifestyle photo has something to say. 

Here are some tips you can follow to get the best lifestyle photo for your crowdfunding campaign!

1. Since lifestyle photos help you display your product features get one photo per feature. It will be useful for those who have multi-functional products. For example, if you have a key organizer plus bottle opener, show the uses of your product one by one.

2. Use proper lighting in case you decide to prepare your own set up for the lifestyle photo shoot, or invest $500 to get a professional photographer. 

3. Do you think there are other products which could pair up with yours and work as a beautiful set for the user? Well, in that case, don’t forget to show that with your photos. For example, if it’s a minimally designed iMac stand, you could pair it up with a fancy mouse pad, USB hub and everything else you have in your workplace to complete the look.

Evan VarsamisComment