Creating The Perfect Video For Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Every crowdfunding video is as important as the headline of your project. This is because it comes just after the title or headline of your project. It is said that a video in a landing page increases conversion rate by 80%. Now, to do a perfect video, you need to follow some basic rules. Take a look at these videos and learn how to make a perfect one for your campaign from them. 

Narrate a Whyd

Whenever you’re marketing a product through a video, it’s very important to concentrate on the way you present the whole thing. You need to do something different in order to grab your visitor's attention. Whyd has done an amazing job with their recent video, its my personal favorite video promo for 2016. Check it out below.

Features Should Be Explained in Detail

When you’re doing a crowdfunding video, you’re trying to explain everything about your product in a minute or two. But you need to make sure your product looks unique in the way you present it. Consider Moorebot for example. Their video shows the robot in your everyday life and how it can be useful from every perspective. The minion-like voice and structure is the unique selling point here.

Background Score Should be OOAK

You should never do a video without a proper background score. It should not be over-the-top, but it should be adding something extra to your video. Just like the background score of the backpack from KeepPursuing. It’s making the video more engaging and extraordinary, but it’s not affecting the narration at all.

Forget Exaggeration

You shouldn’t PUSH your product video to the consumers. Instead, you should focus only on what it can do and how it can benefit the world. Exaggerating or praising your product too much won’t do any good. Lensta Lens has one such video that explains all the features without exaggeration.

Make the Narration Interesting

Makers are often interested in adding some personal narration to their product video. But you need to make sure that you don’t make it sound too boring. Just like the way OrbitKeys presented their product. Even the statistics were explained in an engaging way.

Find the “Wow” Element

You need to discover yours and make sure you highlight the same in the video. If you watch the video of BodyBoardX, they have made the most of the sci-fi like design through the video. 

Take Real Life Examples

Now, when you’re presenting a product, it’s crucial to make the potential backers relate to it. They should understand why and how they can make use of your product in their everyday life. Real-life scenarios are important and LEMON wireless speaker is one such example whose product video has highlighted the real-life scenario pretty well.

Go for a Relevant Cover Image

Even before your product video plays, the viewer gets to see a cover image. Now if that doesn’t look catchy enough, why would anyone click the video at all! Silent Partner did a good job here with an image that highlights the product at its best.

Evan VarsamisComment