12 Vital Tips For Every Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is not an easy process. Just launching a project won’t do. You need to make sure your project gets the proper social outreach in order to grab more backers towards it. Spammy marketing strategies won’t work here. You need something more genuine and unique. Crowdfunding forums or quick brainstorming sessions with your team or fellow crowdfunding experts is always a good thing to do. Here are 12 tips and tactics you can make use of as well while crowdfunding your product in the near future. 

  1. Always plan your social media marketing strategy before launching your campaign. That way, you’ll be able to gather a good follower base even before you launch your product.
  2. Make your social media posts unique and not repetitive. Try and highlight all the unique features of your product.
  3. Having a blog is good. You can talk about the work progress or even discuss the benefits of using your product throughout your campaign period. Using good headlines is a must in this case. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer can prove to be useful in that zone.
  4. Use different strategies for different social media platforms. So if Twitter is your chatting forum, Instagram can be your way of interacting with your backers through images. 
  5. Put some extra effort on product photography. Lifestyle images are the new cool so having some for your project is a must. Always remember that these images are the only examples they will get to see before they put their money on your project.
  6. Avoid unnecessary filming on your pitch video. Stick to the point and show everything that is important for your product there.
  7. Never miss out on replying to the comments, social media interactions and emails that you’ll be receiving from your backers during your campaign period. Being prompt in your replies always works. 
  8. Social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite can help you plan your strategy pretty well. But always make sure you aren’t posting the same thing again and again. Be creative in the way you structure your posts.
  9. Twitter Tip: Always use a period “.” or any other punctuation mark if you are beginning a public tweet with an “@”. Else, your tweet will be considered private and won’t reach all your followers except the one you mentioned in the beginning with the “@”.
  10. A couple hashtags per post is considered fine. Try and do some research on the best hashtags you can use for your project and incorporate them in the tweets or social media posts you schedule. 
  11. Adding live demos of your project is a good step on building trust and credibility. You can try platforms like Periscope in order to live chat with your backers if required.
  12. Utilizing the social media channels as a platform for responding to your backer’s queries always works. It’s fast and quick and a great way to keep up with the interaction spirit.

With that said, you can easily make your crowdfunding campaign stand out from the crowd. All you need to do is work with a methodical mind.

Evan VarsamisComment