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How to get Influencers for your Crowdfunding Campaign

Evan VarsamisComment
How to get Influencers for your Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the most crucial aspects of crowdfunding campaign promotion is the blogger and influencer outreach. To get those already popular social media experts to like or share your project or even invest in it personally is not an easy task. But once done, it’s definitely going to bring you an extra batch of traffic. Word-of-mouth marketing has always been of great importance in any campaign and if you know how to get hold of bloggers and influencers, you can expect to enhance the social outreach of your campaign that way.

By using platforms like Klout and Krowdster, you can easily come across influencers at one go. While Klout gives your proper analysis of the followers in your profile who can be influencers (anyone with Klout Score above 60 can fall under this category), Krowdster gives you a backer directory to refer. It would be wise enough to invest in such platforms if you have a certain budget in hand. 

Here are some of the most popular bloggers and influencers on Twitter you can have a look at. Try to grab their attention by promoting your campaign to them.

1. @guyhayler – Crowdfunding advisor and investor who is also the Business Development manager at @crowdfunderuk.

2. @TechCrowdfunder (great choice for tech projects) – This profile supports all #Technology #Crowdfunding  #Campaigns.

3. @crowdfundinga – You can easily follow him for tips about crowdfunding.

4. @Crowdfunding_PR – Sweat Equity Investor that plans Kickstarter, IndieGoGo & Equity Crowdfunding PR & Social Media campaigns for early-stage startups in incubators & accelerators

5. @richardbliss – Executive Social Engagement, http://Forbes.com . Contributor, Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Expert, NetApp Sr Marketing Strategist

6. @alive_digital – Blogger. #PR for #startups,#Kickstarter#crowdfunding #wearables, #IoT,#robotics, product design, and #LGBT.

7. @kgarewaffle – Creator of empathy; destroyer of apathy|#Startup#Consultant, #Crowdfunding strategist, & Author for @HITConsultant

8. @sbriggman – Entrepreneur and Blogger @crowdcrux#crowdfunding#startups #blogging

9. @AnthonydeSouza – Crowdfunding | Strategist | Educator | Speaker | Workshops | Launch Lab | Crowdfunding Focus Magazine |#Crowdfunding Playbook |

10. @ProCrowdfunder – Founder of Strategic Crowdfunding, LLC| I show people how to find backers for crowdfunding campaigns using social media and email.

11. @Nasser_Saidi (great reference for green tech projects) – Economist, Consultant & Adviser;Governance Reform Advocate;Promoting CrowdFunding, Clean Energy & Clean Tech; Working for renaissance of Lebanon & MENASA region.

12. @chancebar – Web Geek, CEO @CrowdFunder, Guitar Lover, Systems Thinker, Startup Investor, Write @Forbes, Wave Slider, Author/Digital Publisher

13. @CrowdfundTec – | Name’s Arne | I make YouTube videos about great crowdfunding projects and also tech reviews.

14. @BillHuston1 – CEO & Founder of My Crowd Rocks a crowdfunding & digital marketing consulting company focused on Small Businesses, Start-ups, and Franchises

15. @IndieFundIt – Passionate supporter & coach to all who#crowdfund!

16. @TCFrose – Crowdfunding nerd. Storyteller. Connector. Mentor. Philanthropic heart. Analytic head. Evolved. Dog lover. Recovering journalist.

17. @BestKickstarter – Follow and include @BestKickstarterwhen posting about your Kickstarter project and we will retweet and may even contribute money! #kickstarter#crowdfunding

18. @kickrankagency – KickRank is a #crowdfunding #marketingagency. Get more #backers for your#campaign! For #KickStarter#Indiegogo#GoFundMe.

19. @crowdfundbacks – We donate, back, contribute & share all interesting crowdfunding campaigns@kickstarter @indiegogo@generosity@gofundme #crowdfunding #project#campaigns #fund

20. @crowdfundbacker – Useful info and promising projects for anyone interested in crowdfunded projects #kickstarter #indigogo

21. @toshixx – Husband. Father. Engineer. a crowdfunding backers. sometimes japanese-english translation volunteer.

22. @megafounder – Ongoing funding for Kickstarter projects. Leave your KS link at http://megafounder.com/start and keep getting backers – no deadlines!

23. @BackerHack – Help for your #Kickstarter or Indiegogo directly from the super #backers! || Backers make money based on their#crowdfunding expertise!

24. @BackerKit – The most trusted crowdfunding pledge manager. We help project creators stay organized & on time. Work smart, do what you love & keep your backers happy!

Getting the perfect blogger or influencer for your crowdfunding campaign might take some time. But no matter how long it takes, this will always help in enhancing the overall outreach of your crowdfunding campaign.